What cherry does to a cake, jewellery does to a bride, the same thing balcony does to your house. Veranda or Balcony is like the jewellery of your house. Though Balcony is like the diamond necklace of the house. A house should not miss this ornament. One should plan to have little open space for the balcony in their house. Balcony is very much connected to our emotions. When we are happy, we tend to enjoy ourselves or invite friends to have a little gossip and the balcony can be the perfect place for it. During a sad state of mind one can simply let go of his or her thoughts just by standing on the balcony, staring beyond the horizon. Do you remember the song, Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mein? The song picturised on a balcony conveyed an unique love expression. Heartbroken Tom from 500 Days of Summer chooses Summer’s balcony to keep himself alone. Songs from our Balcony by Charlotte and George also emits an essence of tranquillity which makes us dive down deep in emotions. Human beings have a high affinity towards height and also to stretch its mind. Balcony is a perfect place to enjoy this feeling. A place where you can lie down and enjoy the soft and slow downpouring during the monsoon, the majestic sunset during winter evenings and the late afternoon cool breeze of Summer. A small balcony can be a good place for an evening or night date or tea ceremony while a giant balcony can hold a good party. A place where people can pour their emotions and enjoy. The balcony has proved to be important significantly during this lockdown. It was the only place where you could stretch your mind, pour down and let go of all the depressions and frustrations of this confinement. People were meeting each other through their balconies. This can be seen in many comic strips by popular cartoonist Mali. The dream of balcony can be made into reality by Dreamographics, a new start-up operating from Pune. Dreamographics helps you to bring your Dream and Graphics idea into reality. At Dreamographics, we are specialized in these kinds of set-up. Get the ideas from our experts, having years of experience. We will guide you how to do a makeover of your balcony. It's very much easy to turn a balcony into a small open room just by adding two small couches, some potted plants, beautiful carpet and few lights. Then take a mug of coffee and lie down on your chair and enjoy the heights and the serene beauty around yourself. Balcony can be the perfect place for the book lovers, for people who want to pass their time listening to music or if you want a perfect photo frame for your upcoming picture or canvas. If you love birds or want to attract squirrels then just simply add a bird bath or a squirrel bar and enjoy their activity. Did you remember the song Bella Ciao which Italians were singing from their balconies? It was a perfect example how a balcony can wipe away all the frustrations and all the gloominess and can bring ourselves together. So, the next time you design or buy a house make sure to add the ornament that is a balcony and reach out for Dreamographics for the same as we feel what your house speaks. -Aditya Saha