Summer house or farm house has been a favourite for years for some people who want to think or invent or come up with something which will change the idea of people. Is it necessary to run away in order to discover something new? Perhaps not, the natural energy and the human mind have a deep-rooted connection and when they match, we get miracles. In our Indian philosophy we have Vaastu Shastra which deals with the architecture design or science of dwelling. Vaastu Shastra connects the human mind with the natural energy which stimulates ideas, energy and upliftment in our minds. So, what exactly is Vaastu Shastra? It is nothing but the design principles, measurements, land preparations for houses, monuments or giant architectural structures. It has been used from ancient times from building of structures like the temple of Angkor Wat to the design of the city of Jaipur by Jai Singh. The Mandela we see today is also based upon Vaastu. It has something unique, something serene and peaceful that it makes our internal mind calm. The same thing Vaastu does with our houses. The proper placement of each room in our house increases our enthusiasm towards work. So, the next time you see your ward is not interested in studies though he or she is extensively spending a lot of time in studies, it is because the Vaastu of the house is not properly maintained. Studying is a subject of high concentration and is only achieved when our surrounding is peaceful and has a lot of energy. Vaastu says that the study rooms ideal position should be on the North East side or on Eastern side of the house as it gives an ample amount of sunlight from the morning but the sunlight is not direct but slant and also during night the room gets cooler and its also comfortable.Vaastu also talks about the position of object inside room like the study table should not be in front of a window but a little bit aside of it so that a natural light can get in, the study table should not be in line with door as it impacts energy flow and concentration, there should not be any blank wall in front of the study table which blocks natural energy and can be a suffocating for studies, there should be good pictures inside the room. The walls of the study room should be painted in light and soothing colours. The bad appetite can also be licked with Vaastu. According to Vaastu, the lord of fire Agni prevails in the southeast direction of the home, which is the ideal place for a kitchen. Kitchen should never be constructed in the north, north-east or south-west directions of the home as it will drastically ruin relationships between family members. Again, the living room is where most of the activity is centred should face east, north or north-east. Alternatively, a north-west-facing living room is also favourable. Heavy furniture should be kept in the west or south-west direction of the living room. This creates a good impression with relatives and neighbours. The relationship becomes firm. When I visit the houses of the Colonial Era, I find this kind of thing other knowingly or unknowingly done by the architects of Rose homes and I hear the people sing the Britishers where the Britishers really know will have to leave but their centre treasure of pass Vaastu Shastra hidden in our ancient texts and philosophy which we often overlook. So, its time to redesign your home because who knows your words can be the next IAS or the next Elon Musk and there will be no need of ordering food from outside because you will love the home cooking by not only adding spice but also changing the Vaastu. - Aditya Saha