I think in my house the most under-rated thing or part of my house is stairs. But it is very important to me as its part of many things in my life and so many memories are associated with it.It used to be workout equipment (Free of cost, easily available in every house: Zero investment) through which I could do stair pushup, stair crawl, stair lunge, step up, crab walk, stair hopes, etc. which helped me in burning my calories. Guys, take my words instead of spending bucks in Gym just go with stairs workout, you will surely see the difference and do shopping with your GYM Fees.The walls beside the stairs used to be my canvas to easily portray my drawing and painting skills. Being a reader, I think this is great place to read my books. I donot think there is some specific reason but I love reading book sitting on staircase. Its also my chitchat point in evening with my dad holding a cup of coffee.The stairs towards the terrace is my favourite place to sob whenever I feel gloomy or dull as I can stay alone for required time to be normal. And at that same place I caught my sibling puffing cigarette as he was unable to go out because it was raining(Lol). That was shocking moment, but I took it as advantage use to get whatever I needed from him.Most interesting memory is falling from stairs, OH MY GOD ; I remember the whole scenario of walking upstairs with my lunch plate and from no where my leg slipped and tumbled over the stairs. Eventually I came down falling with whole lunch over me and my workout buddy instead of my plate.Apart from all this I feel that Stairs are also for some life lessons. As it is said Life is like a staircase, you have to go up each stair to reach the top I hope you also would be having hundreds of memories with stairs not only at House but also at school or hostel or college or office. Do share in comments your best memory. -NIKITA BAJAJ