That Corner Of The House

Hey, Have u seen TAARE ZAMEEN PAR. Remember the Darsheel played the role of an eight-year-old boy who is thought to be a lazy trouble-maker. I guess every school have such kind of child who is thought to be dull, gloomy and less worthy not only by the student but also by teachers. So you would be having many places or a different location in your house which may be very happening and make you feel alive. I think that would be your one of the favourite spot of the house. Everyone has that favourite spot which can be either a couch in the corner or a wholesome terrace. Ever thought of that corner which you always ignored unintentionally just like Darsheel was ignored. I know you would be thinking that STOP KIDDING, There is nothing like this. My house is not having such Corners or Spots. I bet you now - Wear your slippers and just loiter around your house. You will get many corners which could turn to be just magical if certain changes can be done. You can simply put a Couch, Chair-Table, or a Mat with a beautiful side lamp. You can also add up some wall accessories and put up some more lights. The corner will light up and brighten up automatically. It might happen - that corner would become your favourite spot to read books or spend some Alone/Family time. Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends. Keep creating memories, and learn to give your house some new look from time to time as this will give you positivity and freshness. - NIKITA BAJAJ