You must have heard a trending caption on social media :'Home is where your heart is'. This means the interior of your home reflects your personality. In today's generation, people are more focused towards lifestyle, fashion and living space . Every home has a story to tell and indicates the preferences of the people living in the room. People tend to make their homes in order to have peace and comfort. People who have old thoughts might go for a traditional look , and people who have morden thoughts might go for a contemporary or minimal look .


Your home is a place where you spend most of your time , maybe doing nothing but living your comfortable life with peace and prosperity. Who you are, what you do , are some of the questions that a person can identify by the interior you choose for your home . People are more focused towards standard and luxurious living which was earlier associated only with the corporate office and hospitality industry  and they tend to design their home which is never done before by unique ideas and innovative materials.


Here are some tips to keep in mind while designing your home so that it reflects your good side of personality and style :

  • Choose your furniture wisely. Don't go for sophisticated or bulky furniture, rather go for comfortable, simple, light-weighted and contemporary furniture.
  • The colour you choose for your home says a lot more about you than the eyes meet . Dark colour is associated with a bolder personality, which tells that the person is straight forward in nature. Light colour is associated with sophistication type personality, which tells that the person is particularly about things and is calm in nature.
  • If you believe in ancient traditions , design your home carefully by keeping in mind about Vastu as it is a powerful belief that dictate the positioning of spaces within your home .


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